Baluwatar location, the official residence of Prime Minister of Nepal, was practically captured by Maoists. Within the bizarre twists of events, it appears that Maoists not the SPA is inside the helm of Kathmandu.

By Deepak Adhikari

Talks can not break! No Monarchy! reads the placard on the girl's chest.

Seeing is believing, they say. This turned out to become reminder for me when I visited the crowded summit talk venue of Baluwatar. As photojournalist Shailendra and I drove towards PM residence, an aggressive Maoist cadre blocked our way. We told him that we were journalists. Another one particular came and stated that journalists really should understand that the milieu is crowded and should really not venture past. We nonetheless moved ahead.

Milling and cooing through the hordes of folks in October afternoon, the hoarse sounds of sloganeering that demanded republic Nepal, declaration of date for constituent assembly election and so forth pierced by means of my ears. I was amazed at this unsolicited pressure coming from Maoists themselves, the celebration involved in dialogue to attain a peaceful resolution.

Maoist cadres make a human chain for the safety of your speak venue.

It was as clear as mid day's sun that the majority of the people gathered there had been the comrades themselves, albeit in the guise of various organizations. omega swiss replica That the entire nation is keenly awaiting an agreement to hold the election of CA is crystal clear. But, the comrades are hell bent on taking laws in their hands, directing people today whilst the state's security mechanism was just a reluctant observer¨Cwhy do you bother when somebody else does your job

Not only women in unprecedented numbers panerai replica , but in addition the school kids were there to warn readers. They even didn't know why they have been there. So, Maoists are adept at using the innocents, be it in war or in compaign like this. Couple of militia-looking girls had been reading slogans from pamphlets. Similarly, Rastriya Madhesi Mukti Morcha was there together with the chirpy slogans of inclusiveness and equal rights.

Bishnu Giri shouts for support outside the talk venue after he was denied an entry.

But, the poignant element was the Maoists' victims. They staged protests just outside the gate of PM residence panerai replica paypal . A wheelchair bound man who claimed that he was injured in a foreign country was also there to claim his share of cake. From this occasion, it is actually clerar that all and sundry were there. swiss replica omega watches

At around, 3:30 pm, the Maoist coterie comprising the speak team plus the chairman Prachanda created it for the venue. Like earlier, journalists were not permitted inside; they have been observed hovering outdoors the speak venue. Now this can be height of lack of transparency at a time when we talk of loktantra, civil rights and guarantee of press freedom.

Civilians pass via the speak venue right after Moist cadres make a human chain for the safety with the talk venue.

Nepal's politics is very unpredictable. It's difficult to speculate on the outcomes of today's talk. Going by the points, it can be unlikely that the long awaited breakthrough will ring correct. replica panerai watch

All Photo by Sailendra Kharel. Take a look at his weblog at

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